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WriteKey, the College Admissions Essay Editing Service
WriteKey, the College Admissions Essay Editing Service

  • What to Expect

    What You Get Back

    After an editor has reviewed your essay, you will receive an email from the editing team at WriteKey, notifying you that a Google Docs file has been created and shared with you, containing your essay with revision suggestions. Once you open the file, you will see a copy of your essay with in-line edits, comments, and general feedback on the quality of your essay, its strengths, and its weaknesses.

    What It Looks Like

    Your essay file will have two copies of the essay you submitted to us: the original we received, followed by the original with edit suggestions and comments overlaying the text. The editor's suggestions will appear as green text and strikethroughs (cross-outs) within the writing, and comments will appear on the side. You can choose to accept or reject each individual suggestion by either clicking the checkmark or the "X" corresponding to each edit. For more information on accepting and rejecting suggestions on Google Docs, click here.

    Responding to Suggestions and Comments

    If you have a question or concern about a specific edit or comment on your essay, you can click on it and respond to the suggestion. Your editor will be notified and will reply shortly.